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Evangelism in the Postmodern World

Taught by Ryan Worley

A class on evangelism in the postmodern world was taught in the Fall of 2013 during the Sunday Education Hour . In years past when evangelizing Americans, one could generally assume they understood basic Christian concepts and held to a Judeo-Christian worldview. Such is no longer the case. Today many if not most Americans hold to a postmodern worldview, one that does not believe in absolute truth. We can no longer make some of the same assumptions that were made in years past. Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ requires us to understand a person's presuppositions, one that may be very different than our own. This class gives a snapshot view of what it takes to witness to unbelievers in today's culture.

The Gospel
What is a worldview / How are worldviews transformed
Youtube video #1
Understanding the perception of the church in culture
Understanding our culture (postmodernism) / How do we approach the current culture with the gospel
Postmodernism (continued) - Video: "Rebellion of Thought"
Love - the greatest evangelistic command
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Discipleship - Life on life
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