Sundays 9:00am-9:45am

Resuming Sept. 12th

At WBC, the first hour of Sunday morning (9:00am-9:45) is a time for instruction for both adults and children. Our intent is to shape the theological worldview of the participant. There is theological continuity in all our instruction shaped by our "Our DNA" and our 9AM study is a reflection of this. There are a host of subjects taught such as DISCOVER 101, DEEPEN 201, Biblical studies, and other subjects of interest.

The purpose of Discover 101 is to help you know WHO WE ARE. We believe the Bible tells a single Story and at the center of this, is JESUS. Meets in Room 104

To read the material or listen to the audio, Click Here

The purpose of Deepen 201 is to help you know WHAT WE TEACH. This class touches on areas of study that we believe are essential to understanding the Christian Life. Deepen 201 is a condensed version of "Reigning Grace", meant to fit in a 45 minute teaching period. Meets in the Library

To read the material or listen to the audio, Click Here

What distinguishes Christianity from all other world religions? To answer that a basic understanding of other religions is necessary. This class is a flyover view of the basic tenets of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and others, and how they compare to Christianity. See how Christianity is unique in that it is the only religion that believes we bring nothing to the table and God does everything necessary for salvation. All other religions work toward God. In Christianity, God reached down to us in Christ.
Meets in the Connector Room

A Study in the PSALMS
This class endeavors to teach how to properly handle the book of Psalms. Our goal is to keep the text of Scripture in its context as ancient Hebrew poetry, determine the author's original meaning, filter it through the gospel, and then make application to today. By maintaining this structure, the emphasis of the text becomes clear without getting lost in the details.
Meets in Room 105

Gather at 9:00am on Sundays to pray for the upcoming worship service, our nation, and the world. All are welcome. Meets in Room 241.