Student Ministries

Sundays 9:00am-9:45am


An Introduction:
For multiple years, the leadership of WBC has worked to bring about an intentional approach to carrying out the Mission of God. One vital area of intentional ministry is toward families of WBC who are currently parenting children. We are calling this effort "By Design: An intentional Approach to Serving the Families of WBC."

One Story | One Savior:
OneStory The One Story Curriculum is an intentional approach to reaching and teaching the children of WBC. It is a three year curriculum covering the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation. Its intent is to enable Bible literacy, emphasis the One Story with Jesus as the Center, teach the theological DNA of WBC, practice sound biblical study by using the the Simeon Trust methodology, show how Jesus is the fulfillment of the Seed Promise and Blood Picture, know that the first word of the Gospel is "It is finished!", and show the non-negotiable link between our justification, sanctification, and glorification. Finally, the desire of the curriculum is for it to be learned in community with other believers.


Our "Why?": The motive for such a focus is five-fold.

  1. To provide a coordinated approach to family ministries.
    • So the left hand and right hand know what each is doing.
    • This will seek to take Sunday Morning Student Activity and our current AWANA program under "one roof."
  2. To provide a consolidated approach to family ministries.
    • To "de-busy" families. There might be multiple activities but there will be only one "agenda."
  3. To provide a content rich approach to family ministries.
    • Reprioritizing a pattern of becoming Christ-Exalting, Word-Centered, Grace-Based, and Global-Impacting.
    • Avoiding the "mile wide and an inch thick" approach to ministry.
  4. We have an enormous opportunity to evangelize, edify, and equip our own children right here within our own fellowship.
  5. To address 2 Tim. 2:2 by protecting our theological DNA internally and through our families promote our theological DNA externally. We will actively and intentionally seek to reach the next generation of gospel-rich, Jesus-loving, church-attending followers.

Room Assignments:

  • K- 2nd Grade= Room 110
  • 3rd-5th Grade = Room 108 (Parents may choose to advance their 2nd graders or keep their 6th graders in this class.)
  • 6th-12th Grade = Room 109