Deepen 201

The purpose of Deepen 201 is to help you know what we teach as a church. It is the second of four areas we use to equip our people for the work of the ministry. Deepen 201 is preceded by Discover 101 and followed by Develop 301 and Deploy 401. We pray this short study will help you understand us better, but love the Gospel more.

Deepen 201 sets forth the foundation for resting in the person of Jesus Christ and the completed work of His cross. This collection of studies seek to rectify the greatest deficiency in the Christian life, the failure to understand all that Christ is for us and all that we are in Him.

Deepen 201 - What We Teach

Cover and Preface
02.05.23 Introduction to "Reigning Grace"
Book Excerpt: Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges
Book Excerpt: Redemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray
Book Excerpt: The Pressure's Off by Larry Crabb

02.12.23 Lesson 01: Why Study Grace?
Book Excerpt: Romans Verse by Verse: A Few Words About Grace by William Newell
Book Excerpt: Autosoterism by B.B. Warfield

02.19.23 Lesson 02: Grace in the New Testament
02.26.23 Lesson 03: Our Identity
03.05.23 Lesson 04: The Cross (part 1)
03.12.23 Lesson 04: The Cross (part 2)
Book Quoted: Living in Union With Christ by Grand Macaskill

03.19.23 Lesson 05: The Christian Life (Sanctification)
Article: What is Sanctification? Revisiting the Old Testament for the Answer by Chad Bird
Article: Sanctification: By Grace Alone by David P. Scaer
Article: Is sanctification synergistic or monergistic? by Terrance Tiessen

03.26.23 Lesson 06 - The Law
Booklet: Quarrels About the Law by Patrick Griffiths
Article: These Women are Two Covenants by Chris Wachter

04.02.23 Lesson 07 - The New Testament Commands
Article: 1,050 New Testament Commands
Article: 5 Questions about the Ten Commandments by Jen Wilkin (disagree with this article)
Article: A New Attitude by Andree Seu Peterson (disagree with this article)
Book Chapter: Living in Union With Christ by Grand Macaskill
Article: What God has joined together by David Prince

04.09.23 Resurrection Sunday

04.16.23 Lesson 08 - The Holy Spirit
Handout: Class slides

04.23.23 Lesson 09 - Personal Sin
Handout: Class slides

04.30.23 Lesson 10 - Confession and 1 John 1:9
Handout: Incorrect viewpoint
Handout: homologeo

05.07.23 Lesson 11 - Chastisement
Article: Does God Still Punish Sin (disagree with this article)
Article: Chastisement (Divine Discipline) (disagree with this article)
Handout: Study Bible Notes
Handout: Compilation of quotes

05.14.23 Lesson 12 - Christ Our Victory
Handout: Freedom from the Formulaic Imagery of the Victorious Life

05.21.23 Lesson 13 - The Bema Seat
Handout: A study of 1 Cor 3 - Wood,Hay,and Stubble

Epilogue- Ten Gospel Truths
Glossary of Terms