Deepen 201

The purpose of Deepen 201 is to help you know what we teach as a church. It is the second of four areas we use to equip our people for the work of the ministry. Deepen 201 is preceded by Discover 101 and followed by Develop 301 and Deploy 401. We pray this short study will help you understand us better, but love the Gospel more.

Deepen 201 sets forth the foundation for resting in the person of Jesus Christ and the completed work of His cross. This collection of studies seek to rectify the greatest deficiency in the Christian life, the failure to understand all that Christ is for us and all that we are in Him. This Deepen 201 version is a scaled down version of Reigning Grace meant to fit in a 45 minute Sunday School class.

Deepen 201 - What We Teach

2.03.19 Chapter 01: Why a Study on Grace?
2.10.19 Chapter 02: Grace in the New Testament
2.24.19 Chapter 03: One's Identity
3.03.19 Chapter 04: The Cross
3.10.19 Chapter 05: The Christian Life (Sanctification)
3.17.19 Chapter 06 - The Law
3.24.19 Chapter 07 - The New Testament Commands
3.31.19 Chapter 08 - The Holy Spirit
04.07.19 Chapter 09 - Personal Sin
04.14.19 Chapter 10 - Confession and 1 John 1:9
04.28.19 Chapter 11 - Chastisement
05.05.19 Chapter 12 - Christ Our Victory
05.12.19 Chapter 13 - The Bema Seat
05.17.19 Chapter 14- Ten Gospel Truths
Appendix - Glossary of Terms

The entire condensed Deepen 201 version of above notes available here.