Waukesha Bible Church

Your donation details will be processed by Paypal, and a record of your donation will be retained by Waukesha Bible Church. Contribution statements are sent out at year-end.

Thank you for your support.

What do the Scriptures say about giving:
As believers, God instills in us a spirit of generosity. This includes financial giving, but also extends beyond it. We encourage those who call Waukesha Bible Church their home church to give regularly and generously. The amount and frequency is between them and God.

To our regular givers:
Giving through Paypal is quick and easy and we appreciate those gifts, but there is a small fee to WBC involved. If you would rather avoid all administration fees, we encourage you to give online directly through your bank rather than using Paypal. Just set WBC up as a "vendor", much like you would your phone bill or electric bill. As always, you may also mail or drop off a donation.