The Ministry Coordinator is responsible for filling out this form and holding their team accountable for complying with all expectations and guidelines. The Ministry Coordinator may delegate the responsiblity of submitting this form, but both names and contact information should be on this form. Once this form is submitted, you will receive email confirmation from the WBC office upon approval or denial.

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Scheduling and Calendar

Name of WBC Ministry Event/Activity:

Ministry Coordinator:

Ministry Representative
(if different from coord.):

Start date: End date:
Start time: End time:

Reoccuring Ministry Gathering [i.e. weekly? bi-weekly? monthly?]:

Approximate number attending:

I have read and understand the M:60 expectations detailing the promotional opportunities available.

Facility and Equipment

Rooms Requested:Equipment Requested:
Auditorium P.A. System
Conference Room Projector/TV Monitor
Library DVD player
Connector Room Activity/Game Supplies
Fellowship Hall Kitchen Supplies
Gymnasium 8 foot tables (20 available)
Kitchen 8 foot lecture tables (20 available)
Lower Level Classroom(s) 6 foot lecture tables (4 available)
Childcare Room(s) Round tables (16 available)
Sports Field/Pavilion Chairs

Attach a file with additional communication (optional):

Expectation Agreement

I understand expectations and guidelines are necessary for using the facilities of WBC for ministry/activity purposes.
I agree to connect with the following point person to discuss and comply with all expectations/guidelines (check boxes).

Equipment/Setup - Facility Manager (Aaron Cutshall)
Unlock/Lockup - Facility Manager (Aaron Cutshall)
Kitchen - Office Administrator (Sarah Poppie)
Cleanup - Facility Manager (Aaron Cutshall)

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