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We build strong churches through strong families.

The Premise:
We believe children are best reached within the context of a biblically intact and biblically expressed home. The relationship between the parents speaks louder to the child and is more significant in reaching and teaching the child than any action by the local church. Families should affirm faith in the context of local churches, and these geographically defined assembilies with biblical structure and mission are to enable and empower parents in reaching their children. Because a local church is a family of families, the education and empowerment provided by the local church should be intergenerational and includes the idea of mentoring.

The Principle:
The local church will endeavor to fulfill her responsibility to reach their families by enabling parents to reach their children for Christ. The local church is to compliment, not compete or replace individual homes. Local church ministry does not function as surrogate parents.

The Program:
  • FIRST HOUR (9:00am-9:45am Sept-May)
    All children from Pre-K through twelfth grade meet during the 9:00am hour for Sunday School classes. We will be using The Gospel Project Curriculum beginning September 17, 2017.
    Children from 6 months through age 3 can be placed in our Toddletown room during Sunday School.
    PreK- 2nd Grade= Room 108
    3rd-5th Grade* = Room 110*Parents may choose to advance their 2nd graders
    6th-12th Grade = Room 109 or keep their 6th graders in this class.

  • SECOND HOUR (10:00am-11:15am during service)
    Children from 6 months through age 3 can be placed in our Toddletown room during the service.

All children attending Toddletown, the PreK-2nd grade class, or the 3rd-5th grade class
must be registered. You must also register yourself as their parent/guardian.

On the Who's Attending screen when registering, please select Yourself as well as the Someone Else option for your children. This will give you the opportunity to confirm or update the information we have on file.

The Curriculum: The Gospel Project Curriculum

The Bible is not a collection of stories. It is one story, the story of God's plan to rescue His people from sin and death. It is the story of redemption, the gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Gospel Project is a Bible study resource that invites students and kids of all ages to dive deeply into God's story of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Additional Resources for parents: Family Life Curriculum