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Gloria Institute exists to provide the opportunity to study the Bible or topics related to it in a classroom setting conducive to instruction and dialog. The Goal of Gloria is to build up the mind of the local church in order that the congregant may know Christ and experience His life in them. Topics vary and run from September through May. See sidebar for previous class material available online.

Church History

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm

Why Study Church History? We have a rich Christian heritage over the past 2000+ years. There is much to learn from great thinkers of the past, both orthodox beliefs to embrace as well as errors to be avoided.

Church history can be highly inspirational. Think of Martin Luther challenging the authorities of his day. Think of the martyrs who paid for their faith with their blood. “The study of church history, however, is meant to provide more than just inspiration. Serious reflection on the past protects us from error, reminds us of God's faithfulness, and motivates us to persevere.”1

This class will take a sweeping view of historic events within church history that still influence us today.

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$20 for materials (couples may share material)
No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Fee will be waived if necessary.

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