Spring 2019

The Gospel of John

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm

beginning February 6, 2019

$10 for materials (couples may share material)

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Fee will be waived if necessary.

To facilitate the preparation of material, we ask that you pre-register.
We are unable to take payment online. Payment can be made the first night of class.

Previous class material available online:
Reigning Grace
Reigning Grace Conference - Fall 2014
The Gospel of Matthew
Hermeneutics / The Book of Titus
Temple Theme / God With Us
Understanding the Resurrection (1 Cor.15)
The Attributes of God
World Religions
Systematic Theology
The Minor Prophets

GLORIA is a part of the equipping arm of Waukesha Bible Church through which, God willing, His reach through her will deepen local church ministry and lengthen the global-impact through the supplying of vocational and a-vocational ministers to staff stateside and global ministries. GLORIA seeks to be innovative in presenting truth to each generational group. GLORIA is not interested in promoting the self-interests of a man-centered ministry. Its message is not only a statement of faith, but a pattern for life.

Creed: We believe in the sustained accuracy and in the revealed nature of the doctrines of the Bible, in the complete sufficiency of the active obedience of the Son to cover His people from the wrath of the Father, and in the absolute sovereignty of a God who powerfully works His will in all things; we recognize as family all who confess to rest their hopes for eternal salvation entirely and solely in Jesus and what He did at the cross; and we chase hotly after the truth of Jesus Christ, knowing that such a pursuit fully glorifies the Christ who waits to open eyes, and also completely satisfies the saints who run to have their eyes opened.

Purpose: We exist to provide the people associated with Waukesha Bible Church the opportunity to study the Bible or topics related to it in an environment conducive to Christian thinking.

Mission Statement: GLORIA exists to provide the congregant the opportunity to study, in an atmosphere conducive to Christian belief, the primary literature that has formed the Western intellectual tradition. This literature can and should be used to investigate Christ, since he is both Wisdom and Truth.

Teachers: Teachers will come primarily from within the WBC congregation. The desire of the elders is to also invite guest speakers from time to time whose knowledge of the subject matter would be of value to the congregant.

The Goal of GLORIA is to build up the mind of the local church in order that the congregant may know Christ and experience His life in them.