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Church History

Sept 14, 2022 - May 2023
Wednesdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Why Study Church History? We have a rich Christian heritage over the past 2000+ years. There is much to learn from great thinkers of the past, both orthodox beliefs to embrace as well as errors to be avoided.

Church history can be highly inspirational. Think of Martin Luther challenging the authorities of his day. Think of the martyrs who paid for their faith with their blood. “The study of church history, however, is meant to provide more than just inspiration. Serious reflection on the past protects us from error, reminds us of God's faithfulness, and motivates us to persevere.” (

This class will take a sweeping view of historic events within church history that still influence us today.

We will be roughly following the same class schedule as The Parkway Church of McKinney Texas.
We highly recommend their podcast and class notes on Church History to supplement your understanding of the below material.

Introduction to Church History (Pastor Patrick Griffiths)
      Table of Contents
      Handout: Church History Timeline

Early Christianity: Gnosticism, Montanism, Persecution (Pastor Patrick Griffiths)
      Handout: Slides
      Yellow Handout: The Parkway Church Notes

Martyrs, Apologists, and Early Thinkers (Pastor Patrick Griffiths)
      Yellow Handout: The Parkway Church Notes

The Conversion of Rome (Les Mathson)
      Yellow Handout: The Parkway Church Notes

The Nicene Creed and Athanasius (Pastor Giles Litzner)
      Blue Handout: The Nicene Creed Comparisons

Heresies and the Councils that Dealt With Them (Jim Guyette)
      Ivory Handout: Heresies about Jesus

Augustine (Pastor Patrick Griffiths)
      Main Notes: The Parkway Church Notes
      Handout 1: Eight Things We Can Learn From Augustine
      Handout 2: The Problem of Evil
      Handout 3: The Just War Theory
      Handout 4: Historical Context for City of God by Augustine

Donatism & Pelagianism (Les Mathson & Pastor Giles Litzner)
      Notes: The Parkway Church Notes

The Rise of Islam (Mike Kee)
      Notes: The Parkway Church Notes

The Holy-Roman-Empire (Jim Guyette)
      Notes: The Parkway Church Notes