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Guiding Our Godly Appetites

Wednesdays Nov 11 - Dec 16, 2020
6:30pm - 8:00pm

The purpose of this study is to help you "stay in Story." We will look at various means God puts in play to assist us to live in Story. These means are often referred to as Spiritual Disciplines. It is always difficult to address this area of study simply because of our propensity toward works righteousness. It was a problem started in the Garden and continues unabated to this day. This fresh approach to the subject may give you a new perspective on practices that the Christian naturally craves rather than things "we have to do."

11.11.20 Misc.

Introduction to Guiding our Godly Appetites
11.18.20 Luke 4:14-16,31-33,44

Jesus and "Church"
Handout: The Synagogue
For further study, visit the Exodus sermon series
* 11/08 "Remember the Sabbath, to Keep it Holy"
* 11/15 "Sacred Space"

12.02.20 Luke 4:14-30

Jesus and Scripture
12.09.20 Luke 4:40-44

Jesus and Prayer
Article referenced in class: (An incorrect view of the disciplines)
12.16.20 Luke 6:37-38,

Jesus and Generosity
12.16.20 Luke & Acts Jesus and Mission