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The Gospel of John

Wednesdays Feb 2019 - May 2019
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Teacher: Jacob Michalski

The Gospel of John is unlike any other Gospel in the New Testament. Though it is so different from its counterparts (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), this gospel is beloved by many for its intimate storytelling and well painted portrait of our Savior. The Gospel of John, however, is not just a great story. It is a story that plays its part in the larger unfolding of God’s Story. The Gospel of John asks you to believe that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Seed Promise (Gen. 3:15) and blood picture (3:21) to rescue humanity from sin and death. This study will take a survey of John’s narrative and examine the various uses of imagery and metaphor John employs to prove Jesus is the long promised Messiah. Most of all, this study will seek to instill an excitement for the scriptures that will lead to your joy and amazement of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

02.06.19 Literary Diagram & Bible Project Poster
Introduction: Portraits of Jesus
John 1 The Prologue and the Prophet
Four Jewish Institutions
02.13.19 John 2a A Wedding
John 2b The Temple
02.20.19 John 3 A Rabbi
John 4 A Sacred Well
Four Jewish Festivals
02.27.19 John 5 Sabbath
John 6 Passover
03.06.19 John 7-8 Festival of Tabernacles (part 1)
John 7-8 Festival of Tabernacles (part 2)
03.13.19 John 9-10a Festival of Tabernacles (part 3)
John 10b Hanukkah
Beginning of the End
03.20.19 John 11 Raising of Lazarus
John 12 The Anointing / THe Passover Plot
03.27.19 John 1-12 Recap of Chapters 1-12
Jesus' Final Words
03.27.19 John 13 Foot washing & Betrayal
04.03.19 John 14-17 Online Audio Bible
04.03.19 John 14-17 The Upper Room (Themes 1-2)
04.10.19 John 14-17 The Upper Room (Theme 3)
John 14-17 The Upper Room (Themes 4-5)
Death and Resurrection
04.24.19 John 18 Jesus' Arrest
John 19 Jesus' Crucifixion
05.01.19 John 20-21 Jesus' Resurrection & Epilogue
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John 21 Gospel of John Literary Diagram