The Minor Prophets

Wednesdays Sept 19, 2018 - Dec 19, 2018
6:30pm - 8:00pm

The intent of this study is to survey each of the writings of the Minor Prophets and to place them within the larger context of God's one Story. Jesus said in Luke 24:27 that all the prophets pointed to Himself. May we see Jesus as we study these 12 prophetic books.

Sept 19 Introduction - Part 1
Sept 26 Introduction - Part 2
Amos & Hosea
Oct 3 Micah
A closer look at "Jonah" as an example of how to study prophetic literature.
Oct 10 Jonah 1
Oct 17 Jonah 2
Oct 24 Jonah 3
How Big Was Nineveh? Literal versus Figurative Interpretation of City Size

Oct 31 Jonah 4
EXILIC: Israel dispersed by the Assyrians (722)
Judah deported by the Babylonians (606-538)

Nov 7 Nahum (Matthew Vandre)
Video #1: The Rise and Fall of Assyria (Marian H Feldman)
Video #2: Overview of Nahum (The Bible Project)

Nov 14 Habakkuk (Ryan Worley)
Nov 28 Zephaniah (Jacob Michalski)
Dec 5 Haggai
Handout: Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi in context

The dates of Joel and Obadiah are unknown;
Some put them in the 500's(pre-exilic); others in the 800's(post-exilic)
Dec 12 Joel
Dec 19 Malachi