The Book of Revelation

Beginning Sept 13, 2017
Wednesdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Revelation chapters 1-5 were studied in 2015.
This study will take a different approach to the study of Revelation.
The earlier study is available by clicking here

Proper Bible Interpretation
Sept 13
Simeon Trust - Part 1
Sept 20
Simeon Trust - Part 2
Simeon Trust Worksheet
Article: Christianity Today
Overview of 1 Timothy used as an example.
See The Charles Simeon Trust for additional information.

Sept 27
Apocalyptic Literature
Article: "An Approach to Apocalyptic Literature" by David Helm
Article: "Six Guidelines for Reading Revelation" by Derek Copper

The Study of Revelation

Prologue: The Ascended/Enthroned Christ
Oct 04 Rev. 1:1-3 An Introduction - "It's Him! and We're Here!"
Oct 11
Rev. 1:4-8 Jesus: The Ruler of the Kings of the Earth
Oct 18
Rev. 1:9-20 John's Commission to Write - A Vision of the King
The First Cycle of 7 Churches (What We See)
Oct 25
Rev. 2-3 The Seven Churches: An Overview - Part 1
Nov 01
Rev. 2-3 The Seven Churches: An Overview - Part 2
"Blue" Handout: Chart of the Seven Churches
Nov 8
Rev. 2 Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira
Nov 15
Rev. 3 Sardis, Philadelphia, Laedicea
Reclaiming what is Rightfully His (What is Really Going On)
Nov 29
Rev. 4-5 Claiming What is Rightfully His
The Second Cycle of 7 Seals (What We See)
Dec 6
Rev. 6 The Wrath of the Lamb - "Reclaiming the Land!"
Handout: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The Sealing of God's People (What is Really Going On)
Dec 13
Rev. 7 The Wrath of the Lamb - "Comforting His People"
The Third Cycle of 7 Trumpets (What We See)
Jan 10
Rev. 8-15
The Heavy Weight Title Fight - Round Three
Jan 17
The Heavy Weight Title Fight - Round Three (continued)
Jan 24
Rev. 8-9 Exodus Redux - The 3rd Cycle of Seven Trumpets
The Story of God Retold (What is Really Going On)
Jan 31
Rev. 10-11 God's Witnesses
Feb 07
Rev. 12-14 The Red Dragon, the Beast, and the other Beast
The Fourth Cycle of 7 Bowls (What We See)
Feb 14
Rev. 14-21 What Happens When Jesus Comes
Feb 21 Various Thoughts on Revelation from Simeon Trust Seminar
The Return of the Righteous King (What is Really Going On)
Feb 21
Rev. 19 Jesus Returns!
Feb 28
Various A Look Backward / A Look Forward
Mar 07
Rev 20 The Final Judgment
Epilogue: The Making of All Things New
Mar 07 Rev 21-22 The End of the Story Realized - God is with His People!
Handout: Comparing Genesis with Revelation

Topical Studies Within Revelation

Mar 14
Dispensationalism and the Fall Feast Days
Article: The Feasts of Israel