The Book of Revelation

Beginning Sept 13, 2017
Wednesdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Revelation chapters 1-5 were studied in 2015.
This study will take a different approach to the study of Revelation.
The earlier study is available by clicking here

Proper Bible Interpretation
Sept 13
Simeon Trust - Part 1
Sept 20
Simeon Trust - Part 2
Simeon Trust Worksheet
Article: Christianity Today
Overview of 1 Timothy used as an example.
See The Charles Simeon Trust for additional information.

Sept 27
Apocalyptic Literature
Article: "An Approach to Apocalyptic Literature" by David Helm
Article: "Six Guidelines for Reading Revelation" by Derek Copper

The Study of Revelation

This is That!
Oct 04 Rev. 1:1-3 An Introduction - "It's Him! and We're Here!"
Oct 11
Rev. 1:4-8 Jesus: The Ruler of the Kings of the Earth
Oct 18
Rev. 1:9-20 John's Commission to Write - A Vision of the King
The First Cycle
Oct 25
Rev. 2-3 The Seven Churches: An Overview - Part 1
Nov 01
Rev. 2-3 The Seven Churches: An Overview - Part 2
"Blue" Handout: Chart of the Seven Churches
Nov 8
Rev. 2 Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira
Nov 15
Rev. 3 Sardis, Philadelphia, Laedicea
Reclaiming what is Rightfully His
Nov 29
Rev. 4-5 Claiming What is Rightfully His
The Second Cycle
Dec 6
Rev. 6 The Wrath of the Lamb - "Reclaiming the Land!"
Handout: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Dec 13
Rev. 7 The Wrath of the Lamb - "Comforting His People"
The Third Cycle
Jan 10
Rev. 8-15
The Heavy Weight Title Fight - Round Three
Jan 17
The Heavy Weight Title Fight - Round Three (continued)
Jan 24
Rev. 8-9 Exodus Redux - The 3rd Cycle of Seven Trumpets
Jan 31
Rev. 10:1-11:14 God's Witnesses
Feb 07
Rev. 12-14 The Red Dragon, the Beast, and the other Beast
Feb 14
Rev. 14v14-21v1 What Happens When Jesus Comes