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Wednesdays Sept 11, 2019 - May 2020
6:30pm - 8:00pm

Although Romans is notably a thick theological treatise, it is first and foremost a practical pastoral letter. Like most New Testament letters, Romans is an occasional letter. Paul wrote Romans in response to a problem at the local church level. The problem was not their poor theology, but their poor behavior. Paul does not speak of condemnation and justification to correct faulty theology. He calls them to such truth to remind them from the common pit from which they were pulled.

The problems confronting the church in Rome are no different from our own. The Jewish believers and the Gentile believers had trouble getting along. Paul's solution to this problem was the gospel. It is only when we hear, "I can't, but God can, and Jesus did" that we come to understand how all-encompassing and all-inclusive the gospel truly is. The Book of Romans enables us to approach life from a gospel-centered fulcrum. Everything in life begins and ends with our understanding of the gospel.

Join us as we work through the logical sequencing of the gospel in the Book of Romans. It is a study you will be glad you attended.

Class Schedule (subject to change)

Introduction of the Gospel

An Introduction to the Book of Romans
09.18.19 Rom. 1:1-7
The Gospel of God's Grace - An Introduction
Additional Handout: Religion vs Gospel

09.25.19 Rom. 1:8-17
The Gospel of Grace - An Explanation

Condemnation for All

10.02.19 Rom. 1:18-32
The Wrath of God
10.09.19 Rom. 2:1-3:8
The Character of God's Judgment (2:1-16)
The Judgment of God on the Jew (2:17-3:8)

10.16.19 Rom. 3:9-20
The Judgment of God on the Whole World
Handout: Several statements from Systematic Theology books regarding Total Inability.

Salvation in Christ available to all

10.23.19 Rom. 3:21-31
But Now...The Great Transition! How Can a Person Be Right With God
Article: The Shape of Justification (N.T. Wright)
Article: A Response to N.T. Wright's view of Justification (C.E. Hill)

10.30.19 Rom. 4:1-25 Verification from the Old Testament that one's Justification is by Faith
(audio difficulties; second half of class recording was lost)

11.06.19 Rom. 5:1-11
The Blessings of Justification
11.13.19 Rom. 5:12-21
Grace Reigns: The Tale of Two Kings

Sanctification: The Christian Life

11.20.19 Rom. 6-8
Chapters 6-8 Overview: Sanctification
12.04.19 Rom. 6:1-14
The Triumph of Grace over the Power of Sin: Freedom from Sin's Slavery
Handout: The Structure of Romans 6:1-14
Note: Poor audio quality.

12.11.19 Rom. 6:15-23
The Triumph of Grace over the Power of Sin: Freedom from the Law's Slavery
12.18.19 Rom. 7:1-6
The Triumph of Grace over the Power of the Law: Freedom from the Law's Tyranny
Handout: The Use of the Law in Acts

01.08.20 Rom. 7:7-25
The Triumph of Grace over the Power of the Flesh: Freedom from the Flesh's Tyranny
Handout: The Carnal Christian
For further reading on the "Carnel Christian" visit Reigning Grace and the Flesh

01.15.20 Rom. 8:1-39 Part 1
Handout: Romans 8 - Believer/Unbeliever

01.22.20 Rom. 8:1-39 Part 2
No Separation from God's Love

One Story: Redemption of both Jews and Gentiles

01.29.20 Rom. 9-11 Overview Romans 9-11
Handout: Romans Upside Down
Handout: May It Never Be

02.05.20 Rom. 9:1-33 God is Doing Exactly What He Intended to Do
02.12.20 Rom. 10:1-21 Understanding Romans 10
02.19.20 Rom. 11:1-36 The Mystery of God's Redemptive Purposes
Handout: Chiastic Structure of Romans 9-11

The Gospel Unifies the Church

02.26.20 Review Recap Romans 1-11
02.26.20 Rom. 12:1-2 A Living Sacrifice
03.04.20 Rom. 12:3-8 A Community of Grace
Discover 101: More information on the various grace gifts

03.11.20 Rom. 12:9-21 A Community of Love

The following sessions were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

03.18.20 Rom. 13:1-7 Submission to Authorities
03.25.20 Rom. 13:8-14 Love, for the Day is Near
04.01.20 Rom. 14:1-12 The Weak and the Strong
04.15.20 Rom. 14:13-23 Mutual Edification
04.22.20 Rom. 15:1-6 Spirit of Unity
04.29.20 Rom. 15:7-13 Gentile Acceptance

Paul's Mission to the Gentiles

05.06.20 Rom. 15:14-22 Paul, the Minister to the Gentiles
05.13.20 Rom. 15:23-33 Paul's Plan to Visit Rome
05.20.20 Rom. 16:1-27 Personal Greetings & Doxology