Life GroupsSmall Groups

Waukesha Bible Church has attendees from across Waukesha and Milwaukee counties and these intentionally designed small groups will facilitate connection with those within the fellowship who live in one's own community. The smaller size promotes fellowship, prayer and the formation of deeper relationships. Groups will be cross-generational (kids, teens, adults) and without regard to marital status (married, single, divorced, widowed). There will be a variety of days and times in which groups meet. Their purpose will also be missional in nature, reaching out to the community in which each group is active.

These groups are intended for Waukesha Bible Church attendees to promote community among our fellowship. If you do not have a local church family, we invite you to join us for Sunday Worship and for many other ministries that are offered.

If you express an interested below, you will be contacted regarding Life Groups within your community.
We will help you find a group that best fits your needs and schedule.

Questions can be directed to