Global Impacting MissionsGlobal Impacting Missions
The Mission of God and the Mission of the Church

Missions refers to the carrying out of the Mission of God which we believe to be the making, maturing, and assembling of disciples of Jesus Christ by local churches into local churches for the strengthening and building up of the body of Christ (Eph. 4:11-13). In each generation, we believe that God has delegated to every individual in the local church the above mission of advancing His kingdom on earth to their generation (Matt. 28:19-20). Practically, this necessitates that we as a church be intentional in corporately proclaiming the message of Christ to every tribe, tongue, people, and nation (Rev. 5:9), and then continuing the process of advancing God's kingdom to succeeding generations by making disciples of those who believe and encouraging them to meet together as an assembly or a local church. As a result we will actively be strengthening existing churches and establishing new ones for the glory of God.

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Church Planting in Egypt
We have partnered with The Timothy Initative (TTI) to plant churches in Egypt. TTI has a proven track record of successful church planting. Egypt is a new field where we are the primary supporter of a "Paul" who is training multiple "Timothy's," all of whom must plant a church to graduate.
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Restricted Access Nations
Individuals working in restricted access nations cannot be named in order to protect their personal safety and to maintain their ability to minister in their fields of service.

Missionary Airplane Maintenance (Soldotna, Alaska)
Kyle & Ellen Braband
Kyle is serving with MARC (Missionary Aviation Repair Center) where he helps provide maintenance for a fleet of airplanes used by pastors and other mission organizations in remote areas of Alaska.
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Bible School Education (Jackson, MI)
Chris & Denise Darland
Chris leads the schools evangelism program and teaches classes at the New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson Michigan.
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Missionary training (Guatemala)
Jim & Cheryl Eberline
Jim & Cheryl are on home assignment through 2016, before heading to Guatemala in January of 2017. There they will be mentoring / coaching / shepherding the Latin mission force to enter areas of the world those of us from the USA are not allowed to enter. They will also be presenting Peacemaker conferences throughout Guatemala.
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Camping Ministry (Spring Creek, PA)
Chip & Sandy Hungerford
Chip is the office manager and guest serviced coordinator at Miracle Mountain Range. Both Chip and Sandy are involved with discipling and training college age students.
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Short Term Missions (Bloomington, MN)
John & Kathie Pederson
The Pederson's organize and help churches send Short-Term Teams to unreached people groups in restricted-access nations, primarily in the 10/40 window where two billion people (mostly Muslim, Hindu and Buddhists) have no access to the gospel.
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Bible Translation (Camdenton, MO)
Jason & Stephanie Weaver
Jason is a Exegetical and Original Language Consultant for Bible Translators.
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