The Mission of God and the Mission of the Church

Missions refers to the carrying out of the Mission of God which we believe to be the making, maturing, and assembling of disciples of Jesus Christ by local churches into local churches for the strengthening and building up of the global body of Christ (Eph. 4:11-13). In each generation, we believe God has delegated to every local church the above mission of advancing His kingdom on earth to their generation (Matt. 28:19-20). Practically, this necessitates that we as a church be intentional in corporately proclaiming the message of Christ to every tribe, tongue, people, and nation (Rev. 5:9), and then continuing the process of advancing God's kingdom to succeeding generations by making disciples of those who believe and encouraging them to meet together as an assembly or a local church. As a result we will actively be strengthening existing churches and establishing new ones for the glory of God.

Deploy 401 - Pastoral Equipping Process

Deploy 401 is the intentional process by which we develop pastoral residents to either pastor an existing church or plant a new church locally or nationally that bear our Theological Distinctives. This is the final phase of our Equipping Process. As a church, we are fully convinced of the Vision of God (Isaiah 11:9) and Mission of God (Matthew 28:19-20). Therefore, our passion and energy align to pursue the mission by equipping individuals who can pastor an existing church or plant a new church. Our goal is to build a network of churches that are replicating this process with our Theological DNA. Learn more about Deploy 401

Merrill Church Plant - Merrill, Wisconsin

Our desire to replicate who we are through church planting locally and nationally is beginning to take shape in the town of Merrill. There are some in Merrill who resonate with our Theological DNA and we have been building a relationship with them over the past couple years. As we have partnered with them in prayer regarding a church plant, we have also been investing in them through our Equipping Process. They have worked through both the Discover 101 and Deepen 201 courses with Pastor Pat and they currently participate in our online service every Sunday. The Elders of WBC are working on a strategic plan for planting a church and will continue to keep our church family informed throughout this process. If you have questions or would like to take a more active role in this process, please reach out to the Elders personally or by emailing

Church Planting in Egypt

We have partnered with TC-Egypt to plant churches in Egypt. TC-Egypt has a proven track record of successful church planting within this very difficult field in which to minister. They believe in the importance of starting home churches in areas where people don’t have access to church buildings and without breaking the law. After years of trying to understand what is the best way to start a church planting movement, they have found the best way is through partnering with local churches and conventions. They also equip, train, and support church leaders and pastors to also spread the gospel message to non-believers beyond their pews and churches walls. Learn more about TC-Egypt.

Restricted Access Nations

Individuals working in restricted access nations cannot be named in order to protect their personal safety and to maintain their ability to minister in their fields of service.