United - Special Needs Ministry

United What is it?

United provides one-on-one support for students and adults with specific needs and disabilities, so they can further their understanding of God and the Gospel. It is a way to include everyone in our church and gives a unique opportunity to teach the Gospel and love of Christ in a way that is understandable to those that require special learning methods.

What do we do?

United holds quarterly gatherings offering activity-based and sensory opportunities as well as fostering a safe and uplifting community within the church body.

Parent Information:

Your son/daughter will be able to learn at their own pace and in their own way. The program will cater to their needs and learning styles in a positive and uplifting environment. You are welcome to stay with your child throughout the hour, or leave them in our hands as you attend the worship service.

Long Term Goals:
  • One-on-one support during the Sunday School hour to ensure teaching of the Gospel at the learning pace and style of the child/adult. One-on-one support will also include: sensory breaks for the individual (if feeling over stimulated), and guidance with social interactions.
  • Support during other mid-week programs such as: Limitless, Awana, Gloria, etc.

Questions? Contact united@waukeshabible.org for more information.