United - Special Needs Ministry

United What is it?

United provides one-on-one support for students and adults with specific needs and disabilities, so they can further their understanding of God and the Gospel. It is a way to include everyone in our church and gives a unique opportunity to teach the Gospel and love of Christ in a way that is understandable to those that require special learning methods.

When is it?

United meets on the fourth Sunday of the month during the morning worship service at 10:00am in Room 110. The classroom will help give us an environment to successfully teach about God and His great grace for adults and students with disabilities. This includes worship songs with visuals, interactive activities and games, sign language to go with the Bible verse of the week, and a short Bible lesson.

Parent Information:

Your son/daughter will be able to learn at their own pace and in their own way. The program will cater to their needs and learning styles in a positive and uplifting environment. You are welcome to stay with your child throughout the hour, or leave them in our hands as you attend the worship service.

Long Term Goals:
  • One-on-one support during the Sunday School hour to ensure teaching of the Gospel at the learning pace and style of the child/adult. One-on-one support will also include: sensory breaks for the individual (if feeling over stimulated), and guidance with social interactions.
  • Support during other mid-week programs such as: Limitless, Awana, Gloria, etc.