Worship Arts Ministry

Much of modern worship is marketed as a transcendent, thrilling, emotionally-driven experience devoid of any theologically accurate base. However, only upon recognizing that God's "happiness" is more important than our own can we truly be ready to have the "ultimate worship experience." Because then, internally bowing low, a time of congregational worship becomes an absolute pleasure where God Himself is our joy.

At WBC, we do not deny music as emotional. Much of the Psalms [Israel's Song book] are emotional expressions. But unlike modern musical expressions, the Psalms are theologically driven that always fall back on the foundation of God.

Music in a worship service is intended to help people engage with God, first on an intellectual level that forces choice resulting in an emotional response. There are many ways we need to engage with God on a weekly basis through the worship gathering:
  • We celebrate when the lyrics help us ponder and rejoice in our incomprehensible yet self-revealing God.
  • We adore because the Gospel message (a relentless God who pursued us even when it cost Him the death of His Son) leads us to express utter gratitude.
  • Music can help us lament our pain and confess continual need for God.
  • It can also give us words to ask for God's help in our little corner of the ever-advancing Kingdom of God.
  • Songs also help us interact with one another, mostly by encouraging each other with God's truth but also by enjoying one another's company through laughter
  • Worship songs can even be a form of learning, helping us digest the Bible and let those truths sink into our hearts and lives throughout the week.

Our goal is to lead everyone toward the greater joy of knowing Christ and engaging with God through the Holy Spirit. That may sound mystical or vague, but it is truly the Biblical model for congregational worship.

For more information, please contact us at worshiparts@waukeshabible.org.