Wednesday Evenings 6:30pm-8:00pm Sept-May (Grades 6-12)
Great learning, fun with friends, awesome activities. Bring your friends! Parents, you can drop them off and join the Gloria class.

A Family Ministry
Youth Group is not intended to replace the enormous task that parents have to raise up their children in the admonition of the Lord. There is nothing that can be done on Wednesday nights that cannot be undone by the absence of parenting throughout the rest of the week. Youth Group is intended to supplement the responsibility parents have to their own children. We consider ourselves a family ministry because we do not fill the role of a parent but rather complement that task by providing a safe and godly environment for young people to interact with each other and engage in worship through song, prayer, and teaching.


Planned activities

  • September 21 = Fall Fun
  • December 18 = Christmas Party
  • Jan 31 - Feb 2 = Winter Camp
  • March = TBD
  • April = TBD
  • May 20= Final Night (Cookout, Fun Night)

"We, as the Youth Group of Waukesha Bible Church, exist to..."

Youth "...GLORIFY God in all that we say and do..."
WORSHIP: Worship is primarily an attitude and lifestyle - it goes beyond any single act. At Limitless, worship is expressed in our gathering together and it includes worship through song, through prayer, and through instruction from the Word of God.

"... by STRENGTHENING one another in the faith..."
FELLOWSHIP: Growth and development takes place in community. Activities are planned to encourage interaction promote unity. This includes activities planned on Wednesday nights as well as events other times throughout the year.

"... as we GROW through the knowledge of Christ and His finished work..."
DISCIPLESHIP: Limitless is designed for discipleship. Students are challenged to grow through the intentional study of the Word of God and through purposeful one-on-one interaction with leaders.

"... seeking to make Him known by using our gifts to SERVE His church..."
SERVICE: Every believer has the responsibility to discover their place in the building up and edifying of the body of Christ. The youth as individuals are encouraged to discover ways to serve. Group service projects are also planned.

"... and by PROCLAIMING the gospel of grace to those who do not believe."
EVANGELISM: While Limitless is primarily "disciple-based" in nature, we desire that evangelism be a natural outworking of the ministry. As students are challenged in their walk with the Lord and the truths of His Word our hope is that they would desire to take the message out into the community where darkness still dominates. The youth are encouraged to engage in evangelism with people they are already in contact with, participate in evangelism outreaches in the community, and have a vision for reaching the world.